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Plot Summaries
First, a short summary of the Evil Dead movies for those who haven't seen them, or as I call you, the, "evil dead challenged":
The Evil dead (1982)
*A.K.A Book of the Dead (1982)
*A.K.A The Evil Dead, the ultimate experience in grueling horror (1983)
*A.K.A Into the Woods (1979 Working title)

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can they be stopped?

A group of college kids vacation in an isolated cabin in the woods. Upon arriving, the kids find the Necronomicon, or "book of the dead. A nearby tape recorder contains translations of some of the text. The campers decide to play the tape, unknowingly releasing a demonic force (Don't ya hate it when that happens?) which one by one possesses all of the campers except the hero, Ash (Bruce Campbell) who must deal with the evil abominations.

(Yup, there it is. The necronomicon ex mortis
in all its flesh-bound, blood-inked glory...)

Evil Dead 2 (1987)
*A.K.A. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)
*A.K.A. Evil Dead 2: The sequel to the ultimate experience
in grueling horror (1987 end title)

It got a 10 for violence at, gotta love it!

2 Terrifying, 2 Frightening, 2 Much!
Kiss your nerves goodbye!

really more of a remake than a sequel, this one has Ash vacationing with his girlfriend Linda in a cabin in the woods. Ash plays the tape like the first movie, and awakens an otherworldly evil in the woods. The force quickly claims Linda, and while Ash is dealing with her, Some locals arrive with the son and daughter of the professor who owned the cabin . Once again, only Ash is left by the end to battle the "evil dead" which descend upon the cabin, and once again, carnage ensues. Ash is taken back in time in the end by a magic portal opened from the text of the Necronomicon to dispell the evil.

(Hmm...I think Ash is getting a little carried
away with that auto-erotic asphyxiation thing.)

(Ash must be some stud, because I can't think of any
other reason why chicks would come to this dump with him.)

Army of Darkness (1993)
*A.K.A. Army of Darkness: Evil Dead 3 (1993)
*A.K.A. Evil Dead 3 (1993)
*A.K.A. Captain Supermarket (1993)
*A.K.A. Medieval Dead, the (1993 Working title)
*A.K.A. Evil Dead 1300A.D. (1993 Working title alternate)

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Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.

Roughly continuing from ED2, Ash is quite literally "dropped" into thirteenth century Britain where he is imprisoned by the locals to be killed. Ash frees himself and goes on a quest for the Necronomicon to get the spell that will send him back to his own time. After botching up the Necronomicon's retrieval, he must stay to defend the "primitive screw-heads" from the force he has released. There are two endings to Army of Darkness, the North American one where he gets back to his own time, and the UK version, where he is brought into a post-apocalyptic future. The UK version also features additional footage.

(Ash shows the primitive screwheads some
modern technology.)

(That's right kids, never horse around in an
outhouse,you could fall in like Ash here.)

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